Kindness is Cool

Our Value of the term is kindness.  In class we talked about how acts of kindness make us and other people feel good.  What have you done today to be kind?  Leave your answers in the comments box.

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Homework 27.3.17


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Homework 20.3.17


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Trip to Tate Britain

Year 2 will be visiting the Tate Britain on Wednesday, 29th March to learn about the sculptor, Henry Moore.  What can you find out about this artist before our trip?  Leave your facts in the comments box.

Here are some websites to get your research started!

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Science Fair 2017

Come to see what we have been learning about at our wonderful stall at the Science Fair!

When: 3.30pm, Thursday 23rd March.

Where: The Top Hall



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Material Madness

We started our new Science topic today – Materials!

We used our science skills to observe, identify, sort and compare different materials.  What clever questions have you got that would help you to find out more?  Leave your comments in the comment box.

What properties did your material have?  Can your think of another item that is made out of the same material?

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2J Visit Holy Trinity Church Clapham

We visited a local church to find out about Christian artefacts last week.

What Christian artefacts can you identify and what are they used for? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Homework 13.3.17


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Year 1 and 2 Addition Facts

We are having a focus on basic maths skills this term.  There are many facts that you need to know by Year 2 off by heart, here are the addition facts.

Click on the link below to download and print off the pack which includes a blank addition facts table.  Try to fill in the whole blank grid and time yourself.  Each answer should be given within 3 seconds (either from memory or quickly calculated) so the whole grid should take a maximum of 6 minutes 5 seconds!

Can you rise to the challenge?  Remember with hard work and effort you can improve so keep trying if you don’t succeed the first time!

Fluency in addition and subtraction – practice pack


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Homework 6.3.17


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